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Job Description

Job Title:  Senior Pastor

Hours: Full Time

Salary: TBD

Principal Function:

The Senior Pastor of Tharptown Baptist Church is responsible for providing spiritual and administrative leadership for the congregation and church staff.  He is responsible for the proclamation of the Gospel and pastoral care in meeting the needs of the people of the church and community.  He is also responsible as the administrator of the other ministerial staff.


  • The Pastor shall be the spiritual leader of high Christian character and duly ordained minister of the Southern Baptist persuasion.
  • He shall affirm his belief in and acceptance of, The Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Be the recognized spiritual leader and overseer of the church, giving general direction to its total ministry, working through all duly constituted officers and ministry teams in promotion of the church program.
  • Conduct the church ordinances,
  • Be ex-officio member of all ministry teams and functions of the church
  • Preside at all general meetings
  • Have control of the pulpit
  • Expected as much as possible to minister to the total spiritual growth and needs of all members collectively and individually.
  • Plan and conduct all worship services on the Lord’s Day; conduct the prayer and worship service on Wednesday night and/or any services that will be held by the church.
  • Proclaim and teach the gospel and lead the church in proclaiming the Gospel to the church and community.
  • Lead the ministerial staff and the church in a caring ministry for persons in the church and in the community.
  • Lead in planning the church calendar of events, coordinating these activities, and evaluating the total program of the church.
  • Meet and work with the deacons, church officers, and ministry teams as they perform their assigned responsibilities.
  • Serve as Senior Elder should an Elder Team be implemented in the future.
  • Plan and participate with other ministerial staff to determine appropriate visitation needs of church members and prospects.
  • Conduct counseling services, wedding ceremonies, and funeral services as feasible, sharing and delegating to others on the staff as needed.
  • Serve as moderator of church business meetings.
  • Advise on the selection of all staff members and serve with the Personnel Team to advise on determining their duties.
  • Serve as administrator of the ministerial staff; supervise the work of other paid staff workers assigned by the personnel committee. (If a problem arises, the Pastor will consult the personnel committee and they may bring a recommendation to the church as needed.)
  • Meet regularly with the ministerial staff and present any needed reports or recommendations to the church.
  • Cooperate with associational, state, and denominational leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern; keep the church informed of denominational developments.


  • Compensation package and paid time off to be determined by the Personnel and Stewardship Team with final approval by the Church.

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