Ephesians 1:3-6

I. General Observations

1. This passage in one long sentence in the original. Verse 3-14 there are 202 Greek words

2. The passage is written to the saints, to people who are in Christ.

3. The passage commands us to worship the Triune God.

II. The Father Deserves Our Praise Because He Has Blessed Us(v.3)

1. The Blessing Is Spiritual

-Hodge-“These blessings are spiritual not merely because they pertain to the soul, but because derived from the Holy Spirit, whose presence and influence are the great blessing purchased by Christ.”

2. The Beginning Of This Blessing Is Christ.

-If you don’t have Christ you are blessing-less. You are hopelessly in debt. If you have received Christ. You are the possessor of every spiritual blessing. (Romans 8:32; 2 Peter 1:3)

III. The Father Deserves Our Praise Because He Chose Us(v.4)

1. “Us” refers back to verse 1. The Saints

2. He Chose Us In Christ

-He chose us, not on the basis of what we would do, but on the basis of what His Son would do.

3. He Chose Us Before He Created The World.

-Verse 4 is not on what God foreknew, but who He foreknew

-Salvation began with God(John 15:16)

-The sinner left to himself or herself does not seek God(Romans 3:10-11)

-God took the initiative

-We see same language in Matthew 25:34, Revelation 13:8, and Titus 1:1-2

4. He Chose Us With A Purpose In Mind

1. Purpose is our Holiness

2. Purpose is God’s Glory

-It is all about Him and His praises

IV. The Father Deserves Our Praise Because He Predestined Us(v.5-6)

1. The Purpose Is Our Adoption

-He thought of us and decided to adopt us

2. The Means Is Jesus Christ

-To become a child of God a person must believe in Jesus Christ, for adoption comes through Him(1 John 5:12; John 1:12)

3. The Foundation Is His Sovereign Pleasure

-God wanted to put His grace on display forever and ever. Grace is undeserved favor.

4. The Result should be Praise

-When you have experienced the underserved love of another, how can you keep yourself from giving honor to the one who initiated that love?

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