1 Samuel 17

Key Idea: Believers facing insurmountable odds, must completely rely on the power of the Lord.

1. Goliath Front and Center

  1. Huge and impenetrable (vs. 5-7)
  2. Merciless and intimidating words (vs. 8-10)
  3. Continual taunting (vs. 16)

2. David the real giant

  1. Walking with God (vs. 12-15)
  2. Complete confidence in the Lord (vs. 32)
  3. Never forget your lion and your bear. (vs. 34-37)

3. The Day of Reckoning

  1. Making his fatal weapon known (vs. 45)
  2. The Battle is the Lord’s (vs. 46-47)

Believers can overcome their giants with their faith in the One True Living God.

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