Ephesians 1:1-2

I. Themes Of Ephesians

1. Our Redemption

2. Our Reconciliation

3. Our Resources

-Called by God

-Saved In Christ

-Sanctified by the Holy Spirit

II. Possessions In Christ

1. Absolved Of All Charges against Us

2. Delivered Of All All Condemnation

3. Have Untold Spiritual Riches

4. Called By Christ

5. Chosen In Christ

6. Adopted

7. Have An Unchanging Inheritance

III. The Call Of Paul(v.1)

1. Apostle Means One Who Is Sent or Messenger

2. Duties Of An Apostle

-Preaching(1 Cor 1:17)

-Praying(Acts 6:4)

-Working Of Miracles(2 For 12:12)

-Equipping Leaders In The Church(Acts 14:23)

3. MacArthur “Every believer is a saint, because every believer has been set apart and made holy through the perfect righteousness of Christ”

4. Sanctify Means Set Apart For God

IV. Your Call In Christ(v.2)

1. Grace and Peace have been called the twin virtues

2. Grace Is Not Earned. It is completely undeserved. This gift is provided by the Father and manifested in the Son.

3. Grace is the only way that you can escape judgment.

4. Grace is the only way that secures salvation from sin and escape from Hell.(Romans 5:15)

5. Greatest honor given is to be called by God, given grace, and experience peace.

6. Jesus calls you to follow Him(Matthew 4:19)

7. You are called by God and given a work by God and a gift by God perfectly suited for You!

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