I.  The Questions (v.1-3)

1.  When Will It Happen?

2.  What Are The Signs?

II.  The Anwers (v.4-31)

1.  False Messiahs (v.4-5)

2.  Wars and Rumors of Wars (v.6)

3.  Natural Disasters (v.7-8)

4.  Persecution and Falling Away (v.9-10)

5.  False Teaching that Deceives Many (v.11)

6.  The Love of Most Will Grow Cold (v.12-13)

7.  The Gospel Goes out To The World (v.14)

8.  The Abomination that Causes Desolation (v.15-20)

9.  Time of Great Distress Unlike Any Other (v.21-22)

10.  False Christs; False Prophets; False Miracles (v.23-25)

11.  Christ Will Be Visible To All (v.26-28)

12.  Catastrophic Events (v.29)

13.  All Nations Will Mourn (v.30)

14.  The Gathering Of The Elect (v.31)

III.  Jesus Is Coming So Be Watching (v.32-35

Matthew 24:1-35

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