Colossians 2:1-10

Key Idea: Your personal relationship and daily walk with Jesus Christ is
the most important relationship in your life.

1. We need each other. (Vs. 3-5)

2. Be strengthened in our faith. (Vs. 6-7)
a. The Christian life starts with new birth.
b. The Christian life continues when we “walk in Him.”
c. As the Christian walk continues, stability and growth occur.
d. As the Christian walk matures, it’s marked by overflowing

3. Be sound in our walk with the Lord. (Vs. 4,5,8,9)
a. We must not add anything to what Jesus has done for us.
4. Remain firmly rooted in your faith.
a. Once every week, affirm and encourage another believer.
b. Once a day, think of something for which you are grateful
and tell the Lord, THANK YOU.
c. Morning, Noon and Night, pause and remind yourself – I am
complete in Christ.

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