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Speaker: Chance Hall

Date Title Scripture Speaker
01/04/15 The Bread of the World vs. the Bread of Heaven John 6:22-35 Chance Hall
01/04/15 The Hungry Servant Psalms 119:17-24 Chance Hall
3/24/13 What are the Effects of Being a Follower of Christ? Matthew 5:1-6 Chance Hall
12/9/12 Christ, Our Life Colossians 3:1-6 Chance Hall
01/14/09 The Bread of Life Jeremiah 5:22, John 6 Chance Hall
11/12/08 Marvelous in Our Eyes Psalm 118:19-24 Chance Hall
10/29/08 God's Love to the Gentiles Ephesians 3:1 Chance Hall