Soloist Guidelines

Dear Soloist,

As our church and music ministry grow, there will be a number of talented people that God will call to take part in this ministry. I believe that we should be prepared in advance for this growth.

The following list is only a guideline. You will find that these ideas are not new. In fact they have been in practice for the past few years. The focus of this ministry is God, not individual talent. I am not looking for the most talented, but those who are willing to use their talent to glorify God. Although I am ultimately responsible for deciding who sings in the worship service, this list gives a guideline as to what is expected and allows you to decide for yourself if you meet these criteria. As this ministry grows, these guidelines will evolve to meet the purpose statement of Tharptown Baptist Church as we continue to grow in the Lord.

In Christ,
Bro. Jamie

What does each choir member expect from the other members? Here’s what they said:

  1. You must be a born-again, baptized church member.
  2. Live a life that honors God.
  3. Make it your practice to attend all weekly services.
  4. Take part is a small group Bible study (Sunday School) each week.
  5. Be a choir member and attend practice on a regular basis.